An electronic reproduction of the Guide for Victim Souls of the Sacred Heart of Jesus compiled from various sources by the Very Rev. Joseph Kreuter, OSB.

Nihil Obstat: Arthur J. Scanlan, S.T.D., Censor Librorum. Imprimatur + Stephen J. Donahue, S.T.D., Administrator of New York; 1939.

According to the United States Copyright Office the copyright has expired on this book.

In your charity, please pray that the Sacred Heart draws many souls here to read, contemplate and be enkindled.


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From the Biography of Mo. Marie Deluil-Martiny: Immolation
by Abbe L. Laplace.
Nihil Obstat. Authur J. Scanlan, S.T.D.
Imprimatur +Patrick Cardinal Hays
New York, July 14, 1926.


Introduction by Rt. Rev. Alcuin Deutsch, O.S.B.

Preface by Very Rev. Joseph Kreuter, O.S.B.

“The Reparation of Victim Souls in Union with the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary” (Extract from Encyclical of Pope Pius XI)

Part I.

1. The Association of Victim Souls in Union with the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Origin of the Association
Timeliness of the Association
Purpose of the Association
Conditions of Membership
What the Sacred Heart Asks of Victim Souls
What the Sacred Heart Gives to Victim Souls
Who May Become an Associate
Spiritual Advantages
Act of Oblation
Organization of Victim Souls

2. The Victim Soul in Action
A. Rule of Life
B. Holy Mass
C. The Seven Last Words of Our Lord on the Cross
Commentary on the Seven Last Words and the Offering of the Precious Blood
D. The Way of the Cross
E. Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque)
Prayer of Reparation
F. The Blessed Virgin Associated with the Divine Sacrifice
Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary for the Salvation of Our Country

Part II.

1. The Aim of Victim Souls
Victim Souls Should Sacrifice Themselves for the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Victim Souls Should Sacrifice Themselves for the Salvation of Souls
Victim Souls Should Sacrifice Themselves for Priests and Religious

2. Means to Attain the End

First Means: Prayer

A. The First Friday of the Month
B. Communion of Reparation
C. The Mass of Reparation
D. Visits to the Blessed Sacrament
E. The Holy Hour
F. The Offering of the Precious Blood

Second Means: Sacrifice

A. The First Degree of the Spirit of Sacrifice
1. Patient Acceptance of Crosses and Sufferings
2. Complete Abandonment to Divine Providence

B. The Second Degree of the Spirit of Sacrifice
1. Willing Performance of Duty
2. The Avoidance of Deliberate Faults
3. Faithful Observance of the Order of the Day
4. Conscientious Observance of the Rule
5. Fidelity to the Inspiration of Grace
6. Obedience toward Superiors
7. True Love of Our Neighbor

  • Mortification
  • Of the senses
  • Of perverse inclinations and passions
  • Of the heart
  • Of self-love
  • Of pride

Concluding Remarks

C. The Third Degree of the Spirit of Sacrifice: Love of the Cross and Oblation of Self

1. What Constitutes this Third Degree of the Spirit of Sacrifice?

  • Love of the Cross and Humiliation
  • Suffering for Others

2. Motives for the Third Degree of the Spirit of Sacrifice

  • Crosses and Sufferings are a Pledge of the Special Love of Our Blessed Lord toward Us
  • Crosses and Sufferings are the Touchstone of Our Love for Christ
  • Crosses and Sufferings are Excellent Means of Sanctification
  • Crosses and Sufferings Save Souls

3. Aim of All Victim Souls

  • The Sacrifice of Sensitiveness
  • The Sacrifice of Sweet Consolations

A Means of Acquiring the Spirit of Sacrifice: Living in the Presence of God

A. The Three Means Proposed by St. Alphonsus
B. Three Additional Cautions

III. Motives for Becoming Victim Souls

A Glance at Our Savior

A Glance at Our Fellow-Men

  • The Indescribable Ingratitude of Most Men
  • The Shocking Infidelity of Many Chosen Souls

A Glance at Ourselves

  • An Unreserved Surrender as that of Victim Souls Leads to Intimate Union with Our Savior
  • Complete Surrender of Self will produce in Us Marvelous Peace of Soul
  • Complete Surrender of Self is the Safest and Shortest and Best Way to Holiness, to Perfection, to Heaven

Encouraging Examples

  • Of the Laity
  • Of Religious
  • Of Clergy


Act of Immolation
A Short Act of Immolation


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