An electronic reproduction of the Guide for Victim Souls of the Sacred Heart of Jesus compiled from various sources by the Very Rev. Joseph Kreuter, OSB.

Nihil Obstat: Arthur J. Scanlan, S.T.D., Censor Librorum. Imprimatur + Stephen J. Donahue, S.T.D., Administrator of New York; 1939.

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From the Biography of Mo. Marie Deluil-Martiny: Immolation
by Abbe L. Laplace.
Nihil Obstat. Authur J. Scanlan, S.T.D.
Imprimatur +Patrick Cardinal Hays
New York, July 14, 1926.

Part II: The Second Degree of the Spirit of Sacrifice .3

F) Obedience Towards Superiors

Victim Souls will find a further means of exercising the spirit of sacrifice in childlike, cheerful obedience towards superiors. The di­rections which follow concern primarily such as live in the cloister, but Victim Souls who live in the world will also find therein many points for practical application. For they, too, have superiors to whom they owe obedience--­their parents, their teachers, their pastor, their confessor, their employer, etc.

I. Punctual and cheerful obedience.

Victim Souls ought to obey the commands of superiors just as punctually and cheerfully as if they came directly from Our Savior Him­self. They ought to regard the person of their superior, not as a creature subject to error and imperfection, but rather as Our Savior Himself. It is for love of Him, therefore, that they should obey punctually and cheerfully. Such perfect obedience will provide abundant opportunities for the exercise of the spirit of sacrifice and reparation.

1. In regard to punctuality, many a Reli­gious, whose name is recorded in the list of Victims, will perhaps find more than one point about which she must renew her resolution, in order to be true to her name of Victim Soul; for punctuality is of very wide application. It is required in the observance: of the daily order, in rising in the morning, in attending the vari­ous spiritual exercises, in taking part in recrea­tion, and so on. If at every signal of the bell and at every order of superiors, Victim Souls would raise their Hearts to the Sacred Heart of Our Savior and recall the words of Martha to her sister Mary in the Gospel: "Magister adest et vocat te"-"the Master is here and calls thee," they would surely observe the order of the day with greater punctuality and obey with greater promptness, rejoicing at having so many opportunities of offering reparation to the Sacred Heart.

2. Cheerfulness in obeying is by no means an easy matter. And yet this ought to be the ideal of every Victim Soul: to be able to accept and perform the most unpleasant task without betraying in any way that it is either agreeable or disagreeable, ever preserving a uniformly cheerful disposition. It will help her greatly to acquire this perfection if, whenever a disagreeable task is imposed, she accustoms herself to say to her superior: "I will gladly do it." Surely, love for Our Savior and zeal in the practice of reparation will enable her to say these words with absolute sincerity. This constant cheerfulness in obeying ought to leave the impression in superiors that they can do nothing more pleasing to her than to impose tasks whereby she may have ample opportuni­ties of fulfilling her sublime aim as a Victim Soul.

II. Perfcct and unreserved obedience.

1. The obedience of a Victim Soul ought to be perfect in every respect; perfect in per­forming the act exteriorly, perfect in willing the act interiorly, and perfect in submitting her judgment to that of her superior.

A mere external performance of the act, be it ever so exact and punctual, is not sufficient for a Victim Soul; her aim should be not even to wish anything different from what her su­periors wish. Far this purpose she ought con­stantly to train her will to be in harmony with the will of her superiors--a virtue which is by no means impossible, since a variety of motives to obey can be presented to the will; so that it readily submits to measures against which, at first, it protested most vehemently.

If we were merely to perform externally the things imposed on its by obedience while mur­muring and protesting interiorly, that would be nothing more than an obedience dictated by policy, nothing more than hypocrisy and de­ception, for we would be obeying merely to avoid disagreeable consequences to ourselves. But such obedience would not be a virtue. We could not hope thereby to please the Sacred Heart of Our Savior.

It need scarcely be said, therefore, that a Victim Soul should never allow herself to criti­cize superiors, nor to pass judgment on the or­ders they may have given, even though what is prescribed be contrary to her personal in­clinations and wishes. To do so would be in direct opposition to her holy calling of repara­tion. Not only would she thereby fail to offer reparation; on the contrary, she would posi­tively offend the Sacred Heart. What Our Lord said of His apostles may also be said of superiors: "He that despises you, despises Me." Should, therefore, a Victim Soul have so far forgotten herself as to give vent to un­charitable criticism of superiors, she ought not allow this fault to go unpunished, but should impose a wholesome penance upon herself, so as to make reparation to the loving heart of Our Savior for offense thus offered Him.

2. Furthermore, the obedience of a Victim Soul should be entirely without reserve; i.e., she should not refuse obedience even if a diffi­cult sacrifice is asked of her. The true spirit of a Victim Soul is to allow herself to be led and directed by her superiors as a lamb is led to the slaughter, which neither complains nor murmurs when it is sacrificed.

St. Margaret Mary writes: "We must so deliver ourselves to the guidance of obedience that we are ready to obey even to death, that is, to the death of our wishes and inclinations, without uttering a word of complaint, no matter how hard it may be. We must often say to ourselves: 'I have not entered the Order to do my own will.' We must strive on every occasion to break our own will by uniting our obedience with that of Our Savior in the Blessed Sacrament, where He is completely hidden and annihilated."

Courage, therefore, O chosen Victim Soul! Show your spirit of sacrifice by mortifying your own will in the most perfect obedience possible.

III. Unselfish and disinterested obedience.

A Victim Soul ought never to seek praise and acknowledgment for the obedience she yields to superiors, but should obey just as cheerfully and willingly without any such praise and acknowledgment. For she obeys not for love of men, much less for the satis­faction of vainglory, but rather with the in­tention of thereby offering reparation to the Sacred Heart and of contributing to the sal­vation of souls who have gone astray.

A Victim Soul ought really to be towards her superiors like a staff in the hands of an old man, who uses it where, when, and for whatever purpose he may choose. When we have made use of a staff for some purpose, we do not heap all manner of praise upon it, but place it in some corner without even a word of thanks; and should it suit our fancy to again take it from its resting place in order to use it, we do not think it necessary to offer any words of politeness for the purpose of making it a willing instrument, but, we simply make use of it without any further ado.

If only every Victim Soul gave evidence of such a cheerful, disinterested obedience, would not reparation to the Sacred Heart and the conversion of sinners be increased a thousand fold? And yet why should we not, in the per­formance of even the most unpleasant task, be able to say:

"My Jesus, I do this for love of Thee. Accept it in union with Thy own obedi­ence on the altar, where Thou dost come down from heaven at the word of every priest, be he good or wicked, to be placed or borne wheresoever he may wish. I offer this act of obedience to Thee to atone for the disobedience of those who presume to disregard Thy com­mandments and to set themselves against the authority of Thy holy Church."

The remembrance of her exalted aim in life ought to make the sacrifices which obedience demands from a Victim Soul easy and sweet.

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