An electronic reproduction of the Guide for Victim Souls of the Sacred Heart of Jesus compiled from various sources by the Very Rev. Joseph Kreuter, OSB.

Nihil Obstat: Arthur J. Scanlan, S.T.D., Censor Librorum. Imprimatur + Stephen J. Donahue, S.T.D., Administrator of New York; 1939.

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From the Biography of Mo. Marie Deluil-Martiny: Immolation
by Abbe L. Laplace.
Nihil Obstat. Authur J. Scanlan, S.T.D.
Imprimatur +Patrick Cardinal Hays
New York, July 14, 1926.

Part III: Encouraging Examples

Before concluding this chapter, we shall in­stance some encouraging examples of Victim Souls.

I. Examples of the Laity

It is remarkable how ordinary, believing Christians have been inspired by the thought of consecrating themselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus as Victim Souls. Most touching let­ters have come from lay people when making application for membership in the Association of Victim Souls.

"A thousand thanks for the kind reception accorded me," writes one of these pious souls. "It was on the Feast of the Immaculate Con­ception that I made nay act of offering, which I renew daily. The thought of being a link in that chain which binds its so closely to the Sacred Heart is a constant source of strength in the performance of my daily round of duties. Each trial and difficulty that I en­counter becomes for me a small particle of the cross which I accept with thanks from the hand of my dear Savior, that it may serve to trans­form me into a true disciple of His loving Heart."

Another writes: "What a high ideal of life the Association affords, to become a co-worker with Our Savior in the great work of redemp­tion by our daily labors and sacrifices! It is my desire to become a true Victim Soul of the Sacred Heart and in union with so many chosen souls to offer to this loving Heart all my little sufferings and trials of the past, pres­ent, and future it is truly easier to make progress by united forces. The thought of so many generous cross-bearers is to me an incen­tive not to remain behind in following the Master. May this act of complete self-surrender be a proof to the Sacred Heart of my Savior, that I wish to make His will my own, and that I desire to return Him love for love, sacrifice for sacrifice."

A third writes as follows: "Accept my heartiest thanks for receiving me into the ranks of Victim Souls, a happiness I have long de­sired. Through the hands of my heavenly Mother Mary I have offered to the Sacred Heart of my Savior all the sufferings and sacrifices of my life as a slight testimony of my fixed resolve to persevere in this holy spirit of sacrifice. I shall henceforth seek from Jesus and Mary the necessary strength to guard me against the spirit of the world in which I am compelled to live, and I shall likewise seek to train my children in the same manner."

Even such as sacrifice themselves for others are not seldom found among Victim Souls liv­ing in the world. Thus a pious domestic de­clares: "I have at heart the conversion of my mistress and her children, for which I have been praying these ten years. Now, therefore, I beg to be received into the ranks of Victims, that I may the more surely gain the object of my desire through union with so many souls who love God so intensely."

II. Examples of Religious

The Father Superior of a Community of Franciscans says: "It is indeed true that we are already consecrated to God by our holy vows, but the vows receive as it were a new consecration through this new act of self-surrender. The wicked, godless world is continu­ously planning and plotting against God and His Church; wherefore it is incumbent upon us, His specialty favored children, to use every means to make some compensation to God, to offer ourselves in expiation of so much wick­edness."

"Our life is one of constant sacrifice," writes the Superior of a hospital conducted by the Brothers of Mercy. "During the past year each one of our Brothers spent about 310 nights on duty with the sick. Though this life demands great patience and self-denial, still the beautiful thought of being united with so many noble Victim Souls will give us courage in our difficult calling."

The Mother General of a large and zealous Community had personally for a long time be­longed to the Association of Victim Souls, but in spite of frequent requests on their part she hesitated to ask for the enrollment of her spiri­tual daughters. On one occasion this pious Religious fell sick, and her condition became so serious that the attending physician held out no hope of recovery; then the Sisters had recourse to fervent prayer and were rejoiced when, at the end of a new crisis, their Mother was quite suddenly restored to health. The physicians pronounced her recovery a miracle. The Venerable Mother then related the follow­ing experience: "During my illness I was con­stantly troubled by the thought that the Sacred Heart was asking of me to have all the Sisters enrolled in the Association of Victim Souls. I therefore vowed that if my health should be re­stored I would heed this inspiration of grace. At that moment my condition changed for the better, and contrary to all expectations I speedily recovered. I have since then fulfilled my vow of enrolling all the Sisters, and, more­over, after each clothing I intend to have our new novices enrolled in this beautiful Associa­tion."

Some time later the same Superior declared: "We have noted, to our great joy, an increased zeal in the spirit of sacrifice and in self-denial among our dear Sisters, and we regard this as the result of their membership in the Asso­ciation of the Victim Souls."

"O how differently sacrifice is now viewed in our Convent!" writes another Superioress. “Whenever difficulties are encountered we en­courage one another by saying. `Remember we are Victim Souls."'

III. Examples of the Clergy

The director of a certain seminary tells us; "A communication which I read in The Mes­senger of the Sacred Heart has induced me to ask for acceptance among the Victim Souls. My position as Director of the seminary de­mands of me more than of others the sacrifice of myself for the holiness of future priests as well as for my own sanctification."

"I have long cherished the desire to do some­thing exceptionally pleasing to the Sacred Heart," writes another priest. "The beautiful account of the Association of Victim Souls in a recent number of The Messenger has sug­gested to me the means of realizing my desire. "Therefore I humbly ask to be received into the happy company of those heroic souls; and my purpose in so doing is to consecrate myself completely to the Sacred Heart, in order there­by to be made more conformable to the divine Exemplar of the holy priesthood, to be enabled to work more effectively for the conversion of impenitent sinners, and to have greater success in introducing frequent and daily Communion in my parish."

How consoling are the words of a certain young seminarian, who writes: "Since reading in The Messenger an account of the beautiful Association of Victim Souls, I feel within me a strong desire to be received among their num­ber. Now that I am confined to my bed by a lingering, painful illness, I want to offer my sufferings to the Sacred Heart in order to im­plore thereby a priesthood according to His own Heart - priests filled with loyalty to the Faith, and priests filled with the courage of martyrs; for only such as they can save the world and lead it back to God."


In conclusion, we pray that our merciful Savior may pour forth His richest blessings upon the lives of Victim Souls, that their spirit of sacrifice may increase a thousand - fold in all countries of the Catholic world. May He, Himself constantly inspire souls with the desire to make an unreserved surrender of themselves in the interest of His Sacred Heart. May He bless these souls abundantly and grant them grace to live tip to their noble resolve of offer­ing themselves continuously to propitiate the offended Divine Majesty, that God may speedily grant peace to poor suffering hu­manity. May He commit the souls whom He has already chosen for this holy work of expia­tion to the tender care of his own loving Mother, that she may lead them on to become true victims and to acquire that degree of holi­ness which He requires of them.

Only a devoted child of Mary can be a true victim of the Sacred Heart of her Divine Son. With confidence, therefore, may all Victim Souls entrust themselves to her loving care, that, guided by her motherly hand, they may courageously persevere on the rough road of sacrifice even to the heights of Calvary, where they, too, shall one day he enabled to cry out with the dying Savior: "Consummatum est" - ­"It is consummated"; my sacrifice is complete. "Pater, in manus tuas commendo spiritum meum" - "Father, into Thy Hands I commend my spirit."

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