An electronic reproduction of the Guide for Victim Souls of the Sacred Heart of Jesus compiled from various sources by the Very Rev. Joseph Kreuter, OSB.

Nihil Obstat: Arthur J. Scanlan, S.T.D., Censor Librorum. Imprimatur + Stephen J. Donahue, S.T.D., Administrator of New York; 1939.

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From the Biography of Mo. Marie Deluil-Martiny: Immolation
by Abbe L. Laplace.
Nihil Obstat. Authur J. Scanlan, S.T.D.
Imprimatur +Patrick Cardinal Hays
New York, July 14, 1926.

Part III: Motives for Becoming Victim Souls - A glance at men

A Glance at Our Fellow-Men

If we cast but a glance at our fellow-men, we discover two motives for becoming Victim Souls:

(a) The unspeakable ingratitude of most men,
(b) The shocking infidelity of many chosen souls.

(A) The Indescribable Ingratitude of most men

One day Our Savior uttered the following touching words of complaint to St. Margaret Mary: “Behold this Heart which has loved men so much that it is entirely exhausted and consumed in its efforts to manifest its love for them. But in return I receive from the ma­jority only coldness, irreverence, contempt and sacrilege in this Sacrament of love. This in­gratitude affects Me more sensibly than any other pain in My Passion. If they but made same return for My love, all that I have done for them would appear but little to My love and I should be willing to suffer even more for them, if that were possible. But they manifest only coldness and indifference towards all My efforts to do them good. Do you at least, therefore, give Me the consolation of supplying for their ingratitude as far as you are able.”

1. First of all Our Savior speaks of cold­ness. Alas! There is only too much reason for this complaint. In proof thereof we need not think of those who refuse to believe in Him, though He died for them also. We need think only of Christians, of Catholics. Do they really love Our Savior? Is it not true that they do not even think of Him, much less love Him? How many millions of Catholics never cherish even a thought throughout the entire week of the loving Heart of Jesus in the Blessed Sacra­ment! In how many parishes is He the most neglected inhabitant of the village! All day long He is left alone, not to speak of the night.

In many a parish Christ in the tabernacle is the most abandoned of all inhabitants. Even the most forsaken old woman of the parish re­ceives at least a few visits every day from a pious person, but Our Savior is left to Himself, all alone to Himself the whole day, not to men­tion the night. In the morning perhaps a few pious souls come to Hear Mass, but thereafter no one else pays him the honor of a visit. Frequently people pass by His house; it would be an easy thing for them to enter and salute Him. But who takes the time to do so? Nay, who even but thinks of Him when passing by the church? Is Our Lord not justified in complaining of coldness?

2. It is not only of coldness, but also of irreverence that Our Lord complains. And how justly. For how thoughtlessly many people enter the church! Often the entire Mass is one continuous distraction for them. They think of their work or of some intended amuse­ment, and hence the service lasts too long ­they cannot wait for the end, but rush out be­fore the time. Others are continually talking and laughing, causing annoyance and disturb­ance to their devout neighbors. Is not all this irreverence?

3. Our Savior also speaks o£ contempt. In reality this is too mild a word. Not merely contempt, but hatred is shown Him-real hatred, blasphemy, persecution. There are men who cannot bear the sight of His image; they would, if possible, banish the crucifix from the schools and the public buildings, from the roads and public highways. Their hatred of Our Savior leads them to blaspheme and ridicule Him in public assemblies amid boisterous applause of the multitude.
St. Margaret Mary records the following threatening words which Our Lord once spoke to her: “My love shall give way to My just anger to chastise these proud men who despise Me. I will sift them in the sieve of My sanc­tity, which shall place itself between My mercy and those sinners, and they shall die in their blindness.”

Will there not be found noble souls who will say to Our Savior as St. Margaret Mary did when hearing these terrible words: “O, my Jesus, heap Thy anger rather upon me, rather blot out my name from the Book of Life, let me be annihilated rather than that these souls perish whom Thou hast purchased so dearly"?

4. Finally Our Savior speaks of sacrileges. And how very great is their number! We need think only of the many unworthy Communions. Under the guise of friendship men go to the altar and imprint the kiss of Judas upon His sacred lips. And how often do we read of the impious outrages heaped upon Him when men break open the tabernacle, scatter the sacred Hosts about and trample upon them!

Is it in vain that Our Lord put this question to St. Margaret Mary: “Is there no one to he found to pity Me, to feel for Me, to share in the pain I stiffer in that miserable condition in which sinners have put Me, now especially at the present age? Thou, at least, shalt weep unceasingly over My Blood that has been shed in vain for so many, because they dishonor it so grossly.”

Venerable John Avila was one day upon his way to the monastery of the Carthusians in Granada. It was the feast of Corpus Christi. As he approached the city gate, he seemed to see before him the Savior, laden with the Cross, the crown of thorns on His bloody head, and His face giving evidence of great pain. The priest exclaimed in astonishment: "How is it, my Jesus, that Thou art sad on such a day is this?” The Lord answered in a voice filled with sorrow: “I am sad because of the many sins which are committed on this day,"

Our Savior once addressed Gemma Galgani just after she had received Holy Communion: “Tell me, My daughter, do you love Me? If so, then do what I ask of you." As He spoke, the pious maiden tells us, it seemed to her as if He said: "Oh, how much ingratitude and malice is there not in the world! Sinners con­tinue to live on obstinately in their sins. Weak cowardly souls will do themselves no violence to overcome the flesh. Indifference increases daily. I pour forth graces and blessings un­ceasingly upon all creatures, giving light and life to the Church, strength and power to him who governs her, wisdom to those who lead forth souls from darkness, perseverance to souls who are willing to follow Me, graces to the just and to sinners. And what do I gain by it all? What response, what co-operation on the part of My creatures whom I love so dearly? No-one gives a thought to the love of My merciful Heart. I am forgotten as though I had never loved them. I am forgotten and abandoned in My churches. And of many who still come to church not a few offend Me by sacrilegious Holy Communion.”

"At this point," she continues, "I was forced to cry out. ‘Cease, My Jesus, for I can bear to hear no more!'"

Victim Souls, will you remain deaf to such complaints of your Savior? Will you do noth­ing to make reparation to him? If the ingrati­tude of men does not move you to consecrate your whole life to reparation, then at least the shocking infidelity of so many chosen souls must produce this effect upon you.

(B) The Shocking Infidelity of Many Chosen Souls

Our Savior repeatedly complained to St. Margaret Mary of the infidelity of souls con­secrated to Him. "What Pains Me most of all," He says, "is that there are souls conse­crated to Me who are so ungrateful."

From many souls in the world scarcely any­thing but ingratitude and coldness could be ex­pected; but that souls should be found among His elect who not merely manifest coldness and indifference, but even offend Him by sacrilege, surely that must he more painful than all else. "Behold these wounds," He said on another occasion, "which I have received from My elect. Others content themselves with wound­ing My body, but these pierce My very Heart."

Again He said to her: "I have sought thee that thou mightest draw forth the thorns from My head which an unfaithful bride of Mine has fastened. She pierces My head with thorns each time that she is guilty of pride. Do thou extract all these thorns by so many acts of humility."

Another complaint to His servant was: "I have been dragged with cords into a narrow, dark place, beset on all sides with pointed nails and thorns, which have thus torn My flesh. These cords are the vows by which those souls have consecrated themselves to Me; the nar­row dark place is their unprepared heart; the nails and thorns are their pride and arrogance."

Of carelessness in the reception of Holy Communion He said: "See how dreadfully those souls have treated Me who have just re­ceived Me." To which St. Margaret Mary replied: "O my Lord and my God, if the sacri­fice of my life can atone for these outrages, behold, I am ready to make it; for I am Thy slave, do with me what Thou wilt."

Need we wonder if at length the patience of Our Savior becomes exhausted-if He ful­fills the words He spoke to St. Margaret Mary: "Behold how I am treated by My elect, whom I have chosen precisely to appease My justice, but who persecute Me in secret! If they do not amend, I shall chastise them With rigor. I shall separate the good among them, and deliver the rest up to My just anger, which is inflamed against them."

What, then, ought to be the attitude of Vic­tim Souls in the face of these terrible threats? Surely, they must not fail to offer themselves in union with the infinitely Precious Blood of Our Savior in behalf of these unfortunate souls, that God may have mercy on them and convert them. That indeed would be zeal - a work of love towards Our Savior and towards His holy Church, a work of untold blessings to them­selves.

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