An electronic reproduction of the Guide for Victim Souls of the Sacred Heart of Jesus compiled from various sources by the Very Rev. Joseph Kreuter, OSB.

Nihil Obstat: Arthur J. Scanlan, S.T.D., Censor Librorum. Imprimatur + Stephen J. Donahue, S.T.D., Administrator of New York; 1939.

According to the United States Copyright Office the copyright has expired on this book.

In your charity, please pray that the Sacred Heart draws many souls here to read, contemplate and be enkindled.


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From the Biography of Mo. Marie Deluil-Martiny: Immolation
by Abbe L. Laplace.
Nihil Obstat. Authur J. Scanlan, S.T.D.
Imprimatur +Patrick Cardinal Hays
New York, July 14, 1926.

All Through Christ!

"The words of the Foundress [of the Daughters of the Heart of Jesus, Bl. Mother Marie of Jesus] best explain the purpose of her Work: 'This Congregation, humble as it is, was born like a flower on Calvary from a conception of devotion and love for the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, for the Holy Church and for the priesthood, and from a project of reparation for the countless outrages perpetrated in these unhappy days [France, circa 1850] against the majesty of God and our holy Faith.*

'Worldliness and the powers of darkness actually say, "All without Christ!" They wish to drive Him out of the heart, out of the family, out of the nation. On our part, we ought to answer like the Church and with the church: "All through Christ!"

'The Daughters of the Heart of Jesus offer ceaselessly to the Most Holy Trinity the precious blood of Jesus Christ, to obtain the exultation of the Holy Church, the triumph of the sacred interests of God in this world, the extinction of secret societies and the conversion of their members; and especially to procure the perfection and ever increase in sanctity of the Catholic priesthood and of the Religious Orders, and the heavenly help which is necessary to them, that they may triumph over the persecution organized against them by Satan.' "

pp. xiv-xv

*N.B. If then, how much more now?


Anonymous said...

May I ask if the Guide for Victim Souls been purchased. If not, I will purchase it.

Thank you.

Juxta Crucem said...

Cecile ...

Regretfully, I do not have any copies of the actual book.

I have found some reasonably (and not so reasonably) priced on Alibris. Here is the link:*0results*bookfetch

I hope you find a copy soon!


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